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 Snow Tubing Tips and Information

Snow tubing is the latest snow sport that is quickly growing in America

What is snow tubing?

Snow tubing is the latest snow sport that is quickly growing in America. It is something that is suited for people of all ages and it is enjoyed by everyone. This winter sport is speed oriented  and is similar to sledding.   The rider sits on a vinyl tube, and slides at a quick pace down a smooth, maintained tubing hill. At the end of the adventure you either ride a lift or are towed back to the top. It has all of the thrills of sledding without the walk back up the hill.  If you like to sled you will love snow tubing! 

It is a great family outing for the following reasons:

  • Skill requirements are minimal.

  • Does not entail taking lessons.

  • No expensive equipment or clothing required.

  • Fairly reasonably priced

For children's safety in order to participate there is a height restriction.  This varies by state but is normally 36 or 42 inches tall.

Where do I go for snow tubing?
Wherever you find a ski resort, you will find that there is a snow tubing park nearby.  Many ski resorts have tube parks right on site.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the location they may offer a single ride option, 2 -3 hour session or all day pass.  The cost for a single ride is approximately $8 -$10.  A session ticket will run anywhere from $15 -$25. The all day pass will cost about $45

What should I wear?

Depending on where you are tubing weather will vary.   You may even find a variation in temperature on the mountain itself.  So consider layering your clothes so that you can adjust to changes in temperature and precipitation.  You should dress for "snow" with waterproof clothing.  Warm clothing including long underwear, gloves or mittens, hat or headband, jacket and ski/snow pants should be worn.

It is highly recommend that you stay away from wearing cotton clothing (jeans, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc.) next to your skin, because it will absorb sweat and snow and make you cold

Remember that the sun exposure could be a problem so be sure to use sunscreen and eye protection.

Tubing participants are asked to wear hiking boots or waterproof shoes. For safety reasons, ski boots are prohibited. 

When is the best time to go?

To avoid lines you may wish to plan your tubing session for early in the morning or in the evening if the park has lights.   Remember that this sport is weather related so be sure to check with the park prior to departure on your trip to make sure it is open.  Some resorts will accept reservations and they are highly recommended as tubing often sells out days in advance.


Suggested Tubing Parks in Pennsylvania...

Alpine Mountain Ski & Ride Center - Snow Tubing
Route 447  Analomink , PA  18320
Toll-Free: 800-233-8240 Phone: 570-595-2150 | Fax: 570-595-2803
Web Site:


Big Boulder Ski Area - Snow Tubing
Lake Drive  Lake Harmony , PA  18624
Phone: 570-722-0100 | Fax: 570-722-0541
Web Site:


Blue Mountain Ski Area - Snow Tubing
1660 Blue Mountain Dr.  Palmerton , PA  18071
Toll-Free: 877-SKI-BLUE Phone: 610-826-7700 | Fax: 610-826-7828
Web Site:


Camelback Mountain Resort - Snow Tubing
Camelback Road  Tannersville , PA  18372
Toll-Free: 800-233-8100 Phone: 570-629-1661 | Fax: 570-620-0942
Web Site:


Fernwood Winter Fun Center
Route 209 & River Road  Bushkill , PA  18324
Toll-Free: 888-337-6966 Phone: 570-588-9500 | Fax: 570-588-7112
Web Site: