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Age Requirements

Tackle football is a physical game. It starts in second grade or age  8. Each league has a maximum ball carry weight for each division to ensure safety of the players and to keep teams competitive. In larger leagues there is often a separate division for each grade up to 6th grade. A smaller league may combine age levels to create a division. Most leagues will have a junior division and a senior division. An EXAMPLE of the age/weight breakdown requirements for divisions are as follows: (NOTE: This is strictly an example and does not in any way represent what your league may require).  Once your child reaches middle school age they will then play for their school team.

Example 1

Senior Team A 10-12 UP TO 150 LBS
Senior Team B 8-12 UP TO 125 LBS
Junior Team A 8-10 UP TO 105 LBS
Junior Team B 8,9 UP TO 90 LBS

Example 2
Junior A 8 60 - 130 LBS
Junior B 9 60 - 130 LBS
Junior C 10 60 - 74 LBS
Senior A 10 70 - 140 LBS
Senior B 11 60 - 130 LBS
Senior C 12 60 - 105 LBS


Football season will run from August to the end of November. Registration for football is in late May or early June. Forms for registration can be obtained on the organization's web site or at your local sporting good store. Many organizations give you the option to register on line. Players can send a registration form in at any time, but for tackle football every player must attend a registration meeting where they will be weighed. A birth certificate is required at this time to prove the age of your child.


Pre-conditioning practices will begin in Mid August and will last for two to four weeks. During that time practices will be five days per week and one or two hours per day. Games will begin in Mid September. At this time practices are reduced to three or four times per week. Play consist of six to eight regular season games, once per week. This will be followed by two weeks of championship games. Practices are mandatory in an effort to keep the players in shape to reduce injury during play.


The registration fee for football is normally between $75.00 -$125.00 dollar. Many organizations will give a discount for a family with multiple children.



Football pads and uniforms are provided by the organization. However, normally you will have to provide the following equipment for your child: Helmet, Athletic Cup, Football Cleats, Mouth guard and a Large Water Container. In some cases you may be required to also provide a practice jersey. This will cost you approximately 100.00 dollars.

A full football uniform includes the following: 1. helmet and face mask, jersey and pants 2. shoulder, hip, thigh, knee, and tailbone pads 3. mouth piece 4. athletic cup 5. athletic girdle 6. football cleats 7. practice jersey/pants. Knee pads go into pockets in the pants. Hip, thigh, and tailbone pads go into the pockets in the athletic girdle. A tee shirt or under armour should be worn under the shoulder pads.

Football Helmet Protects the head from collisions with other players and the ground.
Face Mask Shields the face and nose from collision.
Mouth Piece Protects the teeth.
Shoulder Pads Extremely important because they cushion the impact of other players and the ground.  They protect the shoulder, chest and back.
Thigh, Hip, Knee and Tailbone Pads Protect respective areas.


Did You Know?

Usually the head coach position is a league position, meaning the person is selected and trained by the league. This is to ensure that the quality of coaching maintains a high level. Assistant coaches are selected by the head coaches and will usually be a parent willing to help.