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How to select a stick? Terminology Player Positions Umpire Signals

Field Hockey Terminology

  As with any sport, specific terminology is used to describe the equipment, and explain the techniques. Listed are some commonly used terms within the field hockey community.
Term Definition
The team that has possession of the ball.
Advancing Foul called when using any part of the body to move or stop the ball.
Circle Scoring area around the goal.
Cutting Moving to meet the pass or creating space into which the ball can be hit by a teammate.
Center Pass Played from the center of the field.  Used to start a game or after a goal is scored.
Defense The team that does not have possession of the ball.
Dribble Short taps taken to move the ball while maintaining control with the stick.
Drive A hard, direct pass used to hit the ball with great speed or distance.
Goal An attacker strikes the ball into the goal from within the striking circle.
Flick A stroke with the ball lifted to knee level.
Free Hit Awarded to the non-offending team. A shot taken from the spot of the foul and all opponents must be 5 yards from the ball.
Hit This involves a movement of the stick towards the ball.
Marking Defending against a player.
Push In Hit in by the oppostiion when the ball goes totally over the sideline.
Stick Handling Ability to control, pass, push, stop and shoot the ball with the hockey stick.
Tackle A method of taking possession of the ball from an opponent
Through Pass A pass that is made straight down the field parallel to the sidelines.