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Importance of reading...

Reading is a topic that most parents realize is critical in their child's development.  Much like vaccination it is a parent's duty to "Read to your  child" to help them develop the language skills that they will need to be successful.  It is important to work with your child from toddler years through elementary school to constantly improve reading skills.

How reading benefits to your child....

Reading to your child is beneficial in more ways than you can imagine. The time that you spend together with your child reading is quality time. you will share a special bond with them by taking part in an activity that they will totally enjoy.  It is something that can be done almost any time and any place.  Reading aloud is something that you can do with your child from toddler years through elementary school.  At an early age you will read picture books by fifth grade you can read Harry Potter books together.  Your relationship with your child will flourish as you spend time one on one time together.

At an early age by reading aloud, your child will learn to follow a story from beginning to end. They will realize that you read from left to right and will begin to  develop letter recognition.  New vocabulary words will be introduced to them and they will identify words with pictures.

Elementary age children need to read aloud to improve their reading fluency. They will learn to read with the appropriate expression, expand their vocabulary and improve comprehension. 

Most importantly your child will develop a love for reading and will grow up to be a reader.

Book Selection...

It is important that you select an age-appropriate book for your child.  Remember that the attention span of a young child is very short.  It is important to start out with picture books to keep your child's attention and then progress to more difficult books and then eventually chapter books.

Books and picture books are inexpensive and can be purchased in book stores, supermarkets, drugstores and dollar stores.  To save money you can borrow books from the local library.  This can be an outing for your child to go and select their books.  In addition most local libraries and book stores have "story days for toddlers" which again can become a great outing for your child.  You can suggest to family members to purchase books or subscribe to magazines as a holiday present.  The internet is also a great source for children's stories.

Atmosphere for reading...

It is important to find a nice quiet place, without too many distractions, with good lighting where you can cuddle with your child to read.  Position the book so that both you and your child can easily follow the text.

Set aside a special time every day so that it becomes part of your routine.  If your child is 6 or under 10 to 15 minutes is about the extent of the session.  Once your child begins to read independently your child's teacher will suggest a reading time.

Key Ingredients For Successful Reading:

  • Always select something interesting to read.
  • Change your tone of voice to impersonate characters. 
  • Involve your child in the reading.
  • Discuss the story with your child.  Talk about the people in the story  and what happened.
  • Try and guess the ending.
  • At the end of the story make up a new ending -- What do you think would happen if ...?
  • Enjoy your time with your child.
  • Most importantly make if FUN.