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Review of Musician's Friend Website

I am very skeptical about purchasing anything from the internet.  I am always afraid of receiving it broken, and having to deal with returning it, or it being delivered late.  My 14 year old son convinced me to purchase him an Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar from Musician's Friends at

Matt's Epiphone Les Paul


Although he had already scoped out the site, it was a Christmas present so I wanted to surprise him.  So skeptically,  I jumped on the site only to find that I was pleasantly surprised.  Navigating the system was extremely easy.  You can browse by brand name, or by specific instrument or instrument category.

You have the option to buy a package, reasonably priced, that includes the guitar, amp and accessories.  This was great for me since I was a first time buyer of an electric guitar.  I was especially delighted to see that the site contained detailed information and descriptions on every product as well as customer reviews for the product.  I felt much better with my purchase after reading what customers had to say about the product. 

My next thought was that I was going to get killed with shipping costs since the guitar and amplifier were heavy.   Again, a great surprise -- shipping is free for most items over $99.  Since it was a present I wanted to be available for delivery.  I was able to track my purchase, through the website, and the package arrived right on time and in perfect condition.

The best part of the purchase was the price.  After doing some cost comparison investigating I found that Musician's friend offers some great deals.  You can use a credit card, PayPal and a Bill Me Later option for payment.

Shortly after Christmas my son noticed that his guitar cable was not working properly.  We called customer service at Musician's Friend and they sent out a new cable, free of charge immediately.

Musician's Friend Website is an awesome site to purchase all types of musical equipment.  You will find Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Band And Orchestra instruments, and Folk instruments.  In addition they have recording and studio equipment, DJ Gear, all types of instrument accessories, books and videos.

The site has a fun zone where you can download screen savers and wallpaper, send your friends and band members e-cards, and play a virtual instrument online.

I would highly recommend this site for the purchase of your next instrument.

My son loves his new guitar and we thank Musician's Friend for a terrific experience.