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Fundraising Ideas for Bands and Orchestras



Fundraising is essential to help defray the costs for any organization.  The ideas listed below are suited for all organizations

  • Have a Music-A-Thon  - This fundraiser can be adjusted to any activity.  Simply have your band members get sponsors.  Set a date for the event.  Consider adding other fun events at the concert hall.  Solicit parents and/or local businesses to donate food items/drinks that can be sold at the event.


  • Sell music items -  It can be as simple as magnets, or as elaborate as tee shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants.  Many times these items are hard to find and if the child participates in band they will love to wear or own the items.


  • Sell music pictures/frames - Parents would love to have a picture of their child playing their instrument.  Work out a deal with a local photographer. Frames can be sold at the studio or school.  Coordinate the sale with the delivery of pictures. 


  • Have silent auction with a music theme - Items can include tickets to the orchestra, dinners at local restaurants, services by the musicians such as shoveling, car wash, music lessons, tutors, and services by parents based on their profession.


  • Organize a spaghetti dinner - Have the musicians invite family and friends.  Coordinate it will a recital date.  Nothing better than dinner and a show!!!


  • Have a Car Wash - It is always a successful fundraiser providing it is at a good location and sufficiently advertised.  Make sure flyers are distributed in advance and posters with the price and date are planted strategically around the location at least a week prior to the event.  Make sure you designate jobs such as washer, dryer, money man prior to the event to avoid chaos.


  • Sell meal tickets for a bag lunch - Work out a discount with a local business to provide you with hoagies. Simply add chips and a drink and you have your lunch.  Sell tickets in advance and set up a delivery date.


  • Music basket raffle -- Create several baskets containing everything you would ever want or needed for music.  Be sure to include gift certificates from you local music stores. Sell raffle tickets at the school to parents as they pick up their children.  Be sure to have the baskets on display for all to see.


  • Have a restaurant night -  Many local restaurants will give you a percentage of sales on a designated night for all sales that your organization brings to their business.  Most of the time this will occur on a weeknight.  Be sure to advertise in advance and if the restaurant has take-out try and have that included in your deal.


  • Organize a bake sale - This can be done right at the school and it is always successful.  Especially if coffee/tea/hot chocolate is included for the parents waiting for their children.