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Benefits of a child learning an instrument....

Childhood is a wonderful time to learn an instrument.  Children have a limitless capacity to absorb information.  Whether your child takes a music appreciation class or actual music lessons, they will benefit a great deal from being exposed to music.  Music is a means of self-expression and a way to develop fine motor skills and better coordination.  In addition, it will give your child a deeper appreciation of the arts and a positive outlook on life.   It teaches them the importance of dedication, focus and practice. It makes them set goals and forces them to pursue excellence. 

Many studies show that Science and Math grades improve with students involved in music because it enhances their abstract reasoning skills needed for learning these subjects.

There are many preschool programs that are available that will foster your child's love for music.  They will focus on cognitive and musical skills through song and activities

Age restrictions...

Most instructors require that your child be five years old to begin formal lessons.  The reason being their hands are bigger and they're more ready to sit still and concentrate for their lesson.  The best instrument to start with at an early age is the piano because it is easier to play since the finger movements are less tricky.  String instruments such as the violin usually begin at the age 0f 7-8.   Wind instruments such as the saxophone and trumpet are best to begin at the age of 10-11. 

Instrument will reflect child's personality...

Music can be either a solitary or social activity, depending on instrument chosen and your child's personality.  For instance the piano requires a student to be comfortable spending stretches of time alone whereas instruments like the violin, cello or trumpet can be done with a band or ensemble.

Music gives your child a sense of self-confidence that they will carry with them through life.  But most importantly they will have fun while they are participating!