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Movies are an escape! 

Watching movies can be a fun activity where children and adolescents use their imagination. It is a pastime that children love, so movie watching is a great way to spend quality time as a family.

What is a movie night?

Movie nights are a fun and inexpensive way of sharing time with your children.  They are a bit more structured than simply renting a movie and letting the kids watch it. 

  • First, you should select a movie that all will enjoy.  As a parent, you must consider the content of the movie and determine if it is appropriate for your child's age. If you are unsure whether a movie is appropriate, you should view the movie in private before watching it as a family.


  • Second you and the children should make a special snack.  Try a different kind of popcorn, make a trail mix,  or bake cookies.  Don't forget to have some "movie theater" candy on hand.


  • Third, you should always set a movie start time so everyone is ready at show time.  Friday nights are usually a great time to have movie night since most are winding down after a busy week.


  • Fourth, you must set the stage.  Always dim the lights in the room,  turn on the surround sound and have plenty of comfy seating available.


  • Fifth, be sure to schedule an intermission for bathroom and snack break. 

If you follow these simple rules  you should have the ingredients for an outstanding movie night.  However, if this does not work you can always of course orchestrate an outing to a movie theater. 

Movie Tips for Parents:

  • Always check a movie’s Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating and read reviews before it is viewed.  This should be done whether you are watching a movie at home or going to the theater with your family.


  • Consult friends who have children the same age as yours.  They may have seen or heard about the movie.


  • Turn the movie off, leave the theater or remove your child from the movie if he/she becomes frightened.


  • Deciding when a teenager can go to a movie without parental supervision depends on the teenagers’ maturity and the friends going with your teenager.


  • Time spent watching television, whether it is movies or prime time,  takes away from important activities such as reading, school work, playing, and exercise. So be sure to monitor the time that your children spend in front of the TV and place limits on the amount of television viewing per day and/or per week.