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Cutting Edge

 Rated PG

As far as ice-skating movies go (or those that prominently feature the cold-bladed sport), this romantic movie is one of the best, thanks to utterly charming performances by underrated actors D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly. The couple play, respectively, a washed-up hockey player and a prima-donna skater who end up in doubles figure skating together at the Olympic Winter Games. Of course, the mismatched pair falls in love. In between, there's a lot of verbal sparring, talk of toe picks and surprisingly skillful directing by Paul Michael Glaser (Kazaam, The Air Up There ). Direction here is critical--unlike in Flashdance , where the dancing was done in the shadows, face and feet obviously shot separately--and credibly highlights the actors and their professional stand-ins. This is such a fun, sweet story that the facts the film takes liberties with--including the alacrity with which a hockey player takes to Olympic-level figure skating--are easily forgivable. --N.F. Mendoza


 Ice Castles

 Rated PG

Considered too old for a professional ice-skating career, 16-year-old Alexis nonetheless triumphs over her critics to become one of the world's best ice skaters. Tragically, she falls and suffers a concussive brain injury that leaves her nearly blind. With the help of her father and her boyfriend, Alexis reemerges against all odds and attempts once again to become a top-ranked skater.


Thin Ice

Not Rated

A 1937 musical comedy in which Sonja Henie plays a skating instructor at an Alpine hotel. Romanced by incognito Prince Rudolph (Tyrone Power), everyone assumes that Henie knows she is being pursued by royalty. She, however, insists she is actually engaged to Rudy Miller (not realizing that they are one and the same person) and the usual comical entanglements and convoluted misunderstandings ensue.


Ice Princess (2005)

Rated G

Movie about a nerdy girl who becomes an ice figure skating champion. Stars Micheele Trachtenberg, Joan Kusack, Kim Catrall, Hayden Panettiere, and Trevor Blumas with appearances with pro ice figure skaters Michelle Kwan and Brian Boitano.

The Ice Princess
Not Rated
An enchanting on-ice adaptation of the Cinderella story.  Former Olympic and World Figure Skating Champion Katarina Witt stars in this stunning contemporary interpretation of the classic tale o Cinderella. Katarina Witt is Ella, a maid in the household of a blind Count. The town is preparing for an ice skating festival to be held at the Prince's palace, and the Count's daughters are determined to capture the prince's heart. Their plan falls apart when the Prince is captivated by the beautiful Ella, who invites the Prince to skate with her. When Ella is thrown into prison, the Prince searches in vain for the beautiful stranger, who finally appears at the ball held at the castle. The pair fall in love and the story ends with a stunning ice dancing display.
Go Figure
 In this Disney movie a talented teenage figure skater dreams of being a champion and is discovered by a famous Russian skating coach. She does not have enough money to train with this famous coach who is associated with a private boarding school, but she has the opportunity to get a hockey scholarship so she can figure skate. She accepts the scholarship and learns to play hockey and she learns about being part of a team.


One in a Million
Not Rated
Sonja Henie was a Norwegian skater who won the figure skating gold medal in the 1928, 1932, and 1936 Olympics. In 1936, she successfully transitioned from skating into film acting with the delightful ONE IN A MILLION.  This movie borrowed a lot from Sonja`s own life.  The movie gives the Norwegian Henie a chance to skate and have a Don Amech as her screen boyfriend.
Other Sonja Henie skating movies include:

My Lucky Star
Happy Landing
Everything Happens at Night
Second Fiddle
Sun Valley Serenade
It's a Pleasure


The Cutting Edge - Going for the Gold (2005)
This is the sequel to THE CUTTING EDGE (1991). Christy Carlson Romano stars as the daughter of the original movie's pair. She is a single skater and is injured and is not able to do the jumps required for singles. She decides to do pair skating and finds an in-line stunt skater the best partner. After some difficulties as time goes by they become an amazing pair skating team and fall in love.


The Skating Rink (1975)
Not Rated
A former figure skating star transforms an abandoned factory into a skating rink and offers a boy, lacking self-confidence, a chance receive free skating instructions. He does learn to skate and beomes really good. At the rink's opening he surprises everyone with his pair's skating performance.  With renewed confidence he gets a job teaching skating.