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Hobbies for Kids - Collecting Movie Memorabilia


Kids love movies and they also love to hoard things so collecting Movie Memorabilia is a great hobby for them.  If you look around your house you probably already have the beginnings of a collection of Disney Movie items if you simply pull together the stuffed animals, books, puzzles and toys.  This hobby can get costly so be sure to determine a budget and stick to it.

Collecting Movie or Film Memorabilia is a fun hobby, and most people do it for the sheer pleasure of it.  They enjoy movies and like to be surrounded by something that they love.  There are many people all over the world who have taken up this hobby to express their passion for movies and stars.  However, what many do not realize is that over the years this collection could turn into a  great investment. 

Movie Memorabilia includes everything from star autographs, posters, film props, photographs, costumes, postcards, newspaper articles, industry magazine articles, books, ticket stubs, programs, shirts, hats, action figures, stuffed animals, original film scripts or promotional materials. So as you can see your options of what to collect are limitless.  It is basically anything related to the movie or star that you feel is valuable.

The first step in starting this hobby is to select a theme that interests you.  It can be a broad topic like musicals, comedies, thrillers, animated movies, science fiction, Oscar winners, Disney or foreign films.  You can narrow it down by a specific actor, a particular year, a particular producer or a favorite movie. Once you have decided on a theme you can begin to research it.  Remember that being well informed will allow you to make good decisions.  Make a wish list of things that you would like to collect.

Starting this hobby is as simple as visiting movie trade shows, premieres, book stores, movies, toy stores or any other event for getting collectibles. You will find a great selection of movie memorabilia at online retailers. Additional places to seek items would be on auction websites, at estate sales and collectors’ shows. You can also, place an ad in movie related publications if you want to find something in particular.  Just be sure to do your homework, via the internet, so that you know the value of the item before you make a purchase.