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How to Make Juggling Balls


If the kids love to juggle then why not have them make their own juggling balls.  It is a great craft and a way for you to show interest in their new hobby.
Best if done with older children
Materials needed:
9 inch balloons
Approximately 2 pounds of filler (sand, beans, rice, lentils etc..)
Step One:
Inflate the balloon halfway and hold it for about 60 seconds and then deflate it.  This will stretch the balloon.
Step Two:
Insert the funnel into the balloon.  Carefully pour about 1/3 of your filler into the balloon.  You will have to move the funnel around to push the filler into the balloon.  Once filled cut the rubber edge off the top of the balloon leaving the neck attached.
Step Three:
Take another balloon of a different color and cut off the entire neck of the balloon. Gently stretch the balloon that you just cut and then place it over the original balloon covering the neck opening.  Now take a third balloon, cut off the neck, stretch and work it over the other two so that the original balloon is totally covered with the new balloons.
Step Four:
Make two more and you have your set of juggling balls.
Best if done with younger children.
Materials needed:
(3)  2 - 21/2 inch Styrofoam balls or a size that fits in your child's hand.
Electrical tape in a variety of colors (Note: use at least three colors)
Step One:
Select your first color of electrical tape and totally cover the first Styrofoam ball.  Take a second color and cover just the center of the ball for about 1 inch in width.  What you should have is a ball that is one color on its two sides and a different color in the middle.
Step Two:
Do the same for the remaining two Styrofoam balls mixing the colors.
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