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Hobbies for Kids - Comic Book Collecting


Collecting is  a very broad and popular topic for hobbies and it is a very easy one for young children to pursue.  Collecting can include: coins, stamps, rocks, dolls, baseball cards, action figures, post cards, comic books, dolls. Barbie dolls, sea shells, rocks, snow globes, college pennants, marbles, Legos, military paraphernalia, movie and/or sports memorabilia and more.  A collection is a great way to learn about people, places and things.

Comic Book collecting continues to be a huge hobby. Comics are collected for many reasons:  An interest in reading comic books, nostalgia, financial profit, or completion of a collection.

When trying to decide where to start a comic book collection choose something that your child would thoroughly enjoy reading. You may find a new title that attracts their interest and you can begin with it and then build this collection. It will be an inexpensive was to start and your collection won't be worth much in the beginning but may slowly increase in value with time. As a beginner, your interest may span a wide range of characters, so another option is to consider collecting the number 1 issues of many different series. If the series becomes a hit you will own the number one issue.

Since the 1960s, two publishers have dominated the comic book industry: Marvel Comics and DC Comics.  Marvel is the publisher of such comics as Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four. DC Comics, publishes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Other large non-manga publishers include Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics. There is a high demand for those special issues from these publishers that some or most of us at one time owned.

Comic book price guides are available and provide estimates of comic book values as well as information on book creators and characters. The physical condition, rarity and desirability of a particular issue, determines its value. A comic book collection can range from a few dollars more than face value to an extremely rare but possible six figure value. The internet has made tracking, buying and selling comic books much easier. There are a variety of sites available for your convenience. The Grand Comic-Book Database is a popular online resource for comic book creator and character information. Popular online price guide and collection tracking services include Comic Book Realm, Comics Price Guide, and Nostomania.

You child can read and enjoy their comic books but just take some precautions to avoid physical damage. For instance always wash hands to remove potentially harmful oils from the skin before reading the book. Attempt to lay the comic books on a flat surface and turn the pages slowly to put minimal stress on the staples and spine. Comics, being a printed medium, should be stored in cool, dark places, as sunlight can bleach the pages, and heat and moisture can also cause damage. Products designed for the protection and storage of comic books are available, including special bags; boxes; and acid-free "backing boards", designed to keep the comic book flat. Just this little bit of care in handling the books will go a long way in preserving the collection.

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