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Hobbies for Kids - American Girl Doll Collecting


The American Girl Dolls is a very  popular collection for young girls. This wonderful collection includes dolls, clothing, bedding and accessories.  The American Girl collection has a variety of dolls that are based on America's history, doll of the year and "Best Friend" series. In addition they have Just Like You and Bitty Baby lines. Prices are a bit expensive but the quality is outstanding. 

My daughter had a variety of these dolls, historical, doll of the year as well as the Bitty Baby Twins, and she loved them. The Bitty Baby twins are absolutely adorable.  In my opinion these dolls are great for girls around 7 years old.  They are extremely durable but they are also very expensive and younger children can not possibly appreciate  them.  They are absolutely something that you will want to put away and save once your child is finished playing with them.  I found that I was just as excited as my daughter to see the new catalog and what new items were in it.  So do not be to anxious to  make this purchase for your child, wait until they are ready and will thoroughly enjoy the whole package: reading the books, watching the movies and playing with the dolls.

American Girl Collection Dolls

The American Girls Collection is a brand of dolls and items that are designed to girls' interests. Each doll is a character from a specific time period in U.S. history. The clothing and accessories represents the time, place and social background of the character.

Character books are written that aim to be historically accurate and focus on teaching their readers important life lessons.  These books are written for 8 to 10 year old girls and I can say that they appealed to my daughter.

TV Movies have been created featuring these wonderful dolls.

  • "Samantha: An American Girl Holiday"

  • "Felicity: An American Girl Adventure"

  • "Molly: An American Girl on the Homefront"

  • "Kit Kittredge An American Girl"

List of American Girl Collection Dolls

Elizabeth Cole 1776

Elizabeth is Felicity's best friend, the daughter of a Loyalist during the American Revolution. She was introduced by American Girl in the Summer of 2005. Her character is featured in the American Girl Felicity film. She has her own line of clothing and accessories that complement Felicity's line.

Samantha Parkington 1904

American Girl Samantha is a very popular doll.  She is a bright, compassionate girl being raised by her wealthy grandmother in 1904 in Mount Bedford, New York. Samantha learns the realities of the real world and difficulties faced by the lower classes.

Along with Molly and Kirsten, Samantha was one of the three American Girls that launched the collection in 1986. Samantha was the first American Girl doll to have a TV movie made about her.

Molly McIntire 1944
Molly McIntire is growing up during World War Two in Jefferson, Illinois with her mother and 3 siblings. She wants the war to end so that her dad can come home from caring for wounded soldiers in England. With her English friend, Emily, at her side, Molly is lively, and lovable.

Molly was one of the original three American Girl dolls, along with Samantha and Kirsten, offered and remains a favorite especially those who grew up in her era.  She is the only American Girl doll to wear glasses so far.

Kirsten Larson 1854
Kirsten Larson is a pioneer girl that must leave all sheís ever known to come with her family to the New World.  She is an immigrant from Sweden who settles on the Minnesota frontier, where people donít speak her language or understand her traditions.
  Along with Samantha and Molly, Kirsten was one of the three American Girls that launched the collection in 1986.

Felicity Marriman 1774
Felicity Merriman is a spirited, colonial girl growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1774 who is stuck between Patriot and Loyalist viewpoints at the beginning of the American Revolution.  Elizabeth Cole is her best friend.

Elizabeth Cole 1774
Elizabeth Cole is a bright, quiet, unassuming girl growing up in Williamsburg Virginia after she and her family moved from England in 1774. Elizabeth is Felicity Merriman's best friend and they share their love or horses.

Addy Walker 1864
Addy Walkerís story begins during the Civil War as a fugitive slave.  She is a proud, courageous girl who escapes from slavery with her mother in 1864 and flees to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Addy, an African American doll, was  the first non-white doll to be added to the historical line and was the first doll to have earrings.

Josefina Montoya 1824
Josefina Montoya is an American Girl Collection doll that is growing up in 1824 in the New Mexico area during Spanish control.  Josefina and her sisters must face and new life and are trying to preserve what is precious after her motherís passing.

Kit Kittredge 1934
Kit is a clever and resourceful girl growing up during the Great Depression in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Kit sees her dad lose his business overnight and her family struggles to deal with the realities of the economy.  Ruthie is Kit's best friend.

Ruthie Smithens 1934
Ruthie is Kit's best friend and she is loyal, understanding and generous. Like Kit, Ruthie is growing up in Cincinnati in 1934.

Kaya 1764
Kaya (KY-yaah) is an adventurous Nez Perce girl growing up in 1764. She's happiest when she's riding her beloved horse Steps High and she dreams of becoming a courageous leader for her people.

Nellie O'Malley 1906
Nellie was the first of the "Best Friends" dolls.  She is a poor Irish working girl who loses her parents to a flu epidemic. Nellie and her two sisters Bridget and Jenny are  adopted by Samantha and her kind aunt and uncle.

Nellie starred in the movie "Samantha: An American Girl Holiday" and she has her own line of American Girl clothing and accessories.

Elizabeth Cole 1774
Elizabeth Cole is a bright, quiet, unassuming girl growing up in Williamsburg Virginia after she and her family moved from England in 1774. Elizabeth is Felicity Merriman's best friend and they share their love or horses.

Emily Bennet 1944
Emily Bennett is a nine-year old English girl who was evacuated from England and who came to stay with the McIntire's in 1944. She and Molly soon became the best of friends. She will be the third doll in the American Girl "Best Friends" line.

Julie Albright 1974
Julie is free-spirited, talented and loving nine-year-old girl living in San Francisco in 1974. She is living in a changing world and adjusting to her parent's divorce. She is best friends with Ivy.

Ivy Ling 1974
Ivy Ling is the middle child in a busy Chinese American household growing up in San Francisco. Her mother has gone back to school to become a lawyer, and her father has two jobs to keep the family afloat.  Ivy's best friend is Julie Albright and she loves gymnastics. Ivy is the first historical doll with Asian features.

Rebecca Rubin 1914
Released in May 2009, Rebecca Rubin, one of five children, lives in a row house in New York's bustling Lower East Side with her Russian-Jewish family in 1914. Growing up in the "melting pot" of the early 20th century, Rebecca learns about the various traditions that her neighbors and schoolmates celebrate.  Rebecca dreams of being an actress one day, but her family have different thoughts on what her career goals should be.

Just Like You American Girl Dolls

Formerly known as the "American Girl Today" line, this style of doll was introduced in 1995. They are the same size as the historical line. The "Just Like You" line of American Girl allows the owner to choose a combination of face mold, skin, hair and eye color that best resembles herself. The doll is dressed in a modern clothing and there are many modern accessories available.

Baby Bitty Lines

Bitty Baby Twins are a 15" pair.  You get to hoose skin tone, hair color, and gender to create your favorite pair. All doll are adorable and have brushable hair. Although they are a bit costly these dolls are of high-quality.  The Bitty's world includes many accessories, furniture and of course matching outfits