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Why Should Your Child Participate In Or Go To The Theatre?

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Drama Class for Kids

  • Participation gives a child a higher level of self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life.  The more confident a child becomes, the more their self-esteem will grow. Children with high self-esteem have a tendency to perform better scholastically and have a better outlook on life.

  • It teaches them the importance of dedication, focus and practice. It makes them set goals and forces them to pursue excellence. 

  • It develops a sense of self discipline that benefits them in all aspects of life.

  • They learn how to deal with failures and how it feels to be successful.   

  • Theater gives your child a sense of self-confidence that they will carry with them through life. 

  • Creativity can flourish and academics can improve. Creative thought process can be developed through theatre and used in Math and Science for problem solving and experimentation.

  • Means of self-expression can be developed.

  • Staging and performing in a show can promote teamwork.

  • Learning lines for a play encourages the use public speaking. Speaking in front of audiences develops confidence and improved communication skills.

  • Students who attend live theatre learn about the behavior expected from an audience and theatre etiquette.

  • They also learn about the history of theatre, the different styles of theatre and the production.