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 Codes/Lingo Used for Geocaching?

Words or terms relating to Geocaching and well as the language used by the average Geocacher.

GPS GPS tracking system
DNF Did not find cache
FTF First to find the cache
TFTC or TFTH Thanks for the Cache or Thanks for the Hunt
CO Cache Owner
TN Took nothing
LN Left nothing
SL Signed Log
TB Travel bug
BYOP Bring your own pen
CACHE Shortened version of Geocache
D/T Rating used for cache. D=Mental challenge in finding the cache and T= physical environment.
GC Code Unique identifier for each geocache
GZ Ground zero - point where GPS shows you have reached the cache
Travel Bug Trackable tag that is passed from cache to cache
Muggle Non-Geocacher
Geocache A hidden container that includes at least a log book for geocachers but may also contain other "goodies" to trade.
Geocoin Trackable and can also travel the world similar to travel bugs.
Waypoint Physical location on the Earth determined by longitude and latitude coordinates.