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 Board Game Night With Friends

Kids Entertainment

Friends game night is a great way to entertain your kids friends at your house.  It is terrific for a kids party idea.  It is a bit more structured than simply pulling out a game and letting the kids play it. 


  • First, have your children create a fun invitation to give to their friends.   Keep the number of friends invited even so that you can create teams.  Invitation ideas:

Write the party information on  the back of a real playing card.

Create an invitation that looks like a chess board.

Make it look like a game board spinner with party details written in the different sections.

Cut  the invitation into pieces to create a puzzle.

Put the paper invitation into a small box with the top decorated like your favorite game.

Create dice and put the information on all sides.

  • Second, you should select a variety of board games, card games, and puzzles that all will enjoy.  For children under 8 select games that will not take a great deal of time. As a parent, you must consider the game and determine if it is appropriate for each child. You do not want anyone to get frustrated because they can not play the game.   If you are unsure whether the game is appropriate, you should review the instructions in private prior to the party .   For details on games see board games.


  • Third, divide the kids into teams when they arrive and have each team select a game or puzzle that they would like to play.  Let the games begin.  Once they have completed the game have them move on to another.


  • Fourth,  be sure to have some items on hand for those who may be put out of a game and have to wait for the next round to begin:


                    Coloring Books

                    Pencils and crayons

                    White board with markers



                    Hula Hoops

                    Jump Ropes

                   Crayola Model Magic Modeling Material


  • Fifth, you must set the stage.  Always select a room with good lighting, turn off the TV and have plenty of seating areas and tables available.


  • Food Ideas.


                    Finger sandwiches with Peanut butter & jelly, cheese, turkey and ham

                    Boxed meal from McDonald's or Burger King

                    Fruit Kebobs

                    Make your own ice cream sundaes

                    Decorate your own cookies or cupcakes.

                    Soft Pretzels and water ice.

                    Plan on 1-2 drinks per child and have extra on hand.

If you follow these simple rules  you should have the ingredients for an outstanding game night that all of the kids will love.