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Board Games To Play With Your Kids

Playing a board game is a great way to encourage family fun.  Many times in our busy life we do not schedule enough family entertainment time.  So why not pull out a game and play with the kids? 

Kids Games
Manufacture suggested age Manufacture Description
Candy Land 36 months - 6 years Milton Bradley Reading is not required.  Movement based on ability to recognize colors and symbols.  Two to four players.
Original Memory

36 months - 6 years Milton Bradley Classic board game that is fun for all ages.  Turn cards 2 at a time to find matching pictures. The more players the more challenging.
Hi Ho Cherry -O

36 months - 5 years Hasbro Reading is not required.  Introduces kids to counting.  Object is players race to be first to have 10 cherries in their basket by spinning and taking the selected number off your cherry tree. Two to four players
Cranium Cariboo

36 months - 6 years Cranium A magical treasure hunt game, designed especially for young children.  Reading is not required to play.  Cariboo's matching activities reinforce four early-learning fundamentals - ABCs, numbers, shapes and colors. Best played with two to four players.

Chutes and Ladders

4 -7 years Hasbro Reading is not required. Fairly simple and easy to follow.  Number recognition required. Two to four players
Connect Four

7 -12 years Milton Bradley It is like vertical  Tic Tac Toe; the object  is to get 4 checkers in a row first, while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Recommended for two players
Scrabble Junior

5-8 years Hasbro A classic word forming game. Great tool to help with vocabulary. In this beginner game, players draw seven tiles from a pool, then work to match letters to the ones printed on the board. As they work through their tiles, they spell out the words, and receive points for finishing each word.  On the other side of the board there is a basic version of the classic Scrabble game with simple scoring rules. Two to four players
Clue Jr. 5-8 years Hasbro Kids get to play detective and find the clues to solve who stole the cake and ate it, too!  2 to 6 players
Chess Teacher

Ages 6 and up Cardinal Industries This is a learning set for the beginner chess player. Each piece is marked with its name, its value, and the directions in which it can legally move. Recommended for two players.
Battleship 7 -13 years Hasbro This game requires strategy and logic. The aim of the game is to conceal the location of your ships while attempting to  determine the location of your opponent's ships! Recommended for two players


Ages 6 and up Hasbro Two to four players.  A spinner tells players where to place their hand or foot. Hands and feet become intertwined. If you fall down or your Knee hits the ground then you are out.
Sorry 6 - 12 years Parker Brothers By drawing cards, players move their game pieces around the board, hoping to eventually accumulate all their pieces at the final destination--home sweet home. Two to four players.

Trouble Board Game

5 -9 years Hasbro Object is to send your four game pieces around the board firs.  Kids love the bubble dice roller.  Two to four players.
Life Ages 9 and up Hasbro This is a great game that really illustrates the importance of decisions we make throughout our lives. Two to six players

Uno Card Game

Ages 7 and up Mattel You play your cards from your hand by either matching color or number with the top card in the discard pile. Part of your strategy is to throw off your opponent by switching the play color or number in an attempt to eliminate your cards. When you have one card left, yell UNO!  Two to six players.