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 Board Game Night

Family Fun

What is board game night?

Board game night is a fun and inexpensive way of sharing time with your children.  It is a bit more structured than simply pulling out a game and letting the kids play it.  It is kids entertainment with lots of family fun!

Game Selection....

First, you should select a board  game that all will enjoy.  As a parent, you must consider the game and determine if it is appropriate for each child in the house. You do not one anyone to get frustrated because they can not play the game.  You may want to start with an easy game that the youngest team player can enjoy and then move to a bit more challenging and have the youngest team up with someone.  If you are unsure whether the game is appropriate, you should review the instructions in private before playing it as a family. If you really want it to be special, stop and purchase a new game and surprise the kids.  For details on games see board games.

Dinner and snacks....

Make it a special dinner night  and have the kids help you select the menu.  It can be as simple as ordering their favorite take-out food.

Have the kids select and make a special snack like trail mix, popcorn or cookies that you can eat during the game.

Set a start time and schedule intermission....

You should always set a game start time so everyone is ready at the designated time.  Friday nights are usually a great time to have game night since most are winding down after a busy week. Be sure to schedule an intermission for bathroom and snack break. 

Set the stage....

Always select a room with good lighting, turn off the TV and have plenty seating available.

Select teams....

If teams are necessary be sure to select them in advance.

If you follow these simple rules  you should have the ingredients for an outstanding game night.