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Walking is a great family activity and it is something that kids love to do.   It is one of the best forms of exercise and a great way to have the kids burn off some energy.  In addition, it will get the family out into the fresh air for a while and it is FREE. You can walk as part of a vacation or simply plan an outing around town. Walking as a family can be more fun than you think. Parents, if you haven't been exercising in a while don't fret.  Just take it easy and start on some flat ground. 

Walking ideas can be as simple as:

  • Neighborhood stroll after dinner

  • Take the dog for a long walk

  • Walk to school

  • Do a mall walk

  • Participate in an organized walk-a-thon

  • Walk the track or field when part of the family is waiting for a sibling at a sports practice

  • Walk the trail at your local park

  • Go on a hike

  • Take a walk on the beach

Any time you do anything with children it is important to create a game plan.  When walking with the family it is important to determine where you are going in advance.  Be sure to pick a fun route.  It is beneficial to keep surfaces flat when possible.  Remember a small incline for you can fell like a mountain to your child. 

Short walks at first work best because it will give the kids a sense of accomplishment.  Avoid traffic whenever possible. Try to use as many quiet, residential neighborhoods or walking paths as you can.  Park paths and boardwalks at the beach are terrific when traveling with youngsters.

Make sure you know the exact distance and the approximate time it will take to complete the excursion. Remember that everyone in the group should always stick together. Place young children in a stroller so that you do not slow things down too much.

Items Needed for a Long Walk

  • Small first aid kit

  • High energy, healthy snacks

  • Water bottles

  • Camera

  • Map of area

  • Sunscreen

  • Plastic trash bag

  • Cell phone

  • Backpack to hold everything

  • Trash bag

  • Visit a new city and do a historic walking trail