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National Dance Week

 April 23 - May 2 2010

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What is National Dance Week?

It is a week long observation that occurs simultaneously throughout the United States and Canada to help heighten the recognition of the art of dance to the general public. During this time frame you will find everything from large events in major cities to local showcases in small town malls.  The variety of activities that occur throughout the country are limited only to the creative ideas of those who participate. Activities include but are not limited to dance clinics, story time, kids PJ parties, performances, lectures, country dancing, and senior ballroom dancing. For events by state visit

Who Runs This Organization?

The Coalition for National Dance Week (NDW) was established in 1981 to bring recognition to dance as an art form.  It is a volunteer based group made up of NDW delegates from all facets of the dance world. Teachers, performers, community leaders, choreographers, journalists and students to name a few, have helped to heighten public appreciation for the art of dance.

Are there other activities?

Included in the festivities are essay, poster  and photography contests.  In addition, there are mentor programs where those interested in a career in the dance arts and associated fields can be connected with professionals in the field. Academic programs are available so that teachers can incorporate dance into the American classroom.

Essay Contest

The Premise: If you were given a million bucks tomorrow, what would you do with it? While your answer does not need to be dance-related, think of how your dance training and love for dance might influence your decision.   For details on entry and prizes see

Poster Contest

The annual poster contest supports the mission of National Dance Week:
To heighten awareness of dance and its contributions to our culture;
Dance is good for the body, mind and spirit. 
For details on entry and prizes see .

Photography Contest

Photographers are invited to capture images of movement and dance in one of two categories this year.  Performance Category - photographs of dance performance (single or multiple dancers)  and Classroom Category - photographs of dance class (single or multiple dancers).   Photographs will be judged on the basis of their originality, imagination, and ability to capture the spirit of dance.  For details on entry and prizes see

Contact National Dance Week

National Dance Week, c/o UDMA

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