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Any dance to slow music; part of the classical pas de deux (duet) in ballet.



A dance with a fast or moderate tempo.  That part of a ballet class comprised of fast jumping or turning.



The principal female dancer in a company.



Classical theatrical dancing.



The wooden bar that runs around the wall of a ballet studio at waist height. 



One who selects or invents the steps, movements and patterns of a dance number.



A series of rhythmic and patterned movements performed to music.


Danseur Noble  

The male classical dancer, counterpart of the classical ballerina.


Demi Pointe  

Full weight of the body on the toes and the ball of the foot.


Five Positions  

Five positions of the feet that every ballet step or movement must begin with and return to



A one piece garment covering the torso, worn with tights.



A turn of the body done while standing on one leg.



The fluffy skirt worn by a female dancer



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Other Great Activities for Kids....


ART A wonderful way for children to express their creativity, while at the same time learning fundamental skills that will improve their artistic endeavors.


THEATER teaches the importance of dedication, focus and practice.



SCUBA teaches you to set goals and progress steadily towards them with the help of your instructors.


GYMNASTICS is the foundation for all sports because it teaches your child to control their body.


BIKING is a great family activity and it is something that kids love to do.