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What is dance?

Dance is a method of  non-verbal communication that is based on movement.  It is used to express or present in a performance setting.  Dance has certainly been an important part of culture in ceremonies, rituals, and entertainment since the earliest civilizations. It evolved as man's upheaval of emotions of love, happiness, anger, and fear. The power of dance is confined to not one country of the world nor to one period of time; the power of dance is universal!

Benefits of dance.....

The benefits gained through dance are physical, mental and social. Physically, the general conditioning provided by lessons and regular practice will build stamina equal to soccer players and runners.  In addition, balance and coordination is greatly improved. Mentally, regardless of your age, dancing will be an excellent learning experience in discipline, achievement, goal setting and self-confidence.  Socially, skills and abilities are developed that will be useful throughout your child's life.

Types of dance classes...

The dance options that are available to your child are as follows: 

  • Pre dance
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Modern
  • Hip Hop
  • Irish Dance

The availability of these classes will vary based on age and physical abilities.

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Other Great Activities for Kids....


ART A wonderful way for children to express their creativity, while at the same time learning fundamental skills that will improve their artistic endeavors.


THEATER teaches the importance of dedication, focus and practice.



SCUBA teaches you to set goals and progress steadily towards them with the help of your instructors.


GYMNASTICS is the foundation for all sports because it teaches your child to control their body.


BIKING is a great family activity and it is something that kids love to do.