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Dance Commitment, Cost, Registration


When Do I Register?

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Dance commitment, Cost, Registration

Registration will vary based on the studio.  Some studios will allow you to join at any time and will prorate your cost.  Others have registration in the summer for the September classes. 
Some studios will offer a free first month trial period and then after that you will be committing for the entire season.  Normally these programs are very popular and space is limited so don't delay registration or you may miss out!

What is the Commitment?

Dance classes meet one time per week from anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 1/2 hour.  Time will be determined by the type of class and level that your child is participating in.  When you register for dance you are signing up for the entire season.  Classes will run from September to May. The season is finished with a performance of different magnitudes, depending on the studio, by all students. This recital will take place in late May or early June.  There will also be a mandatory rehearsal that your child must attend.  Good attendance is imperative.  Absences and tardiness will result in your child missing important instruction time.

Practice in dance is extremely under-rated. Dance students many times do not consider practice an integral part of their learning.  This is in fact a fallacy; practice is a necessity to show consistent progress. In order for you child to correctly perform several different dance elements they must be able to do it automatically without thinking about the moves.  This will only come from repetition.  The smart student will also participate in different types of lessons; private, group, practice and workshops.


How much will it cost?

A class could cost anywhere from 55.00 to 130.00 dollars per month.  Your total tuition will be based on the total number of classes your child takes per month.  You will receive a discounted rate for multiple classes.  Payment is made on a monthly basis or some studios will group costs into four tuition payments for the year.  Some studios will charge a one time registration fee of 25.00 or 30.00 dollars in addition to your tuition.  You will also need to purchase practice wear and the proper shoes for the class that your child is taking.

Recital costs....

In addition, studios put on a year end show in late Spring. The dance recital is optional for your child in most studios.  If your child does perform, he/she will need to purchase a costume for each discipline (Ballet, Jazz, Tap etc...) that your child is enrolled in.  Costumes will cost approximately 60.00 dollars each.  In addition, many studios will require that you purchase tickets for the recital performance.  Dance recital is a wonderful experience for both the parents and the child.  You should make every effort to have your child participate.

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