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Learn About the Nintendo Wii



The Nintendo Wii, is a new type of video game system, that has created a craze amongst children of all ages.  The name Wii sounds like “we” which is meant to suggest that the game is for everyone. 

What makes the Wii so different? 

The Wii is an interactive system with a unique controller that allows anyone at any skill level to play the games.  Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa will all enjoy playing these games with the kids.  You will find yourself swinging a tennis racket or throwing a bowling ball and you are physically moving your body via the hand held controller to operate the game.  It is the interactive feature of this game that makes it unique and fun because it puts you in the middle of the action.  Wii makes it so you're in the game not a person playing a video.  Swinging a golf club is no longer confined to pushing a button.  Although your child is playing a video game it is much easier to accept since they are up and moving as they do it.  They are not just sitting in front of the machine pressing buttons.  The Wii is definitely a step up to the next level of video games.

Where can I buy the Wii?

My eleven year old daughter recently purchased a Wii, which is a success in itself, since they are so difficult to locate. It seems as though not even Nintendo realized how well the Wii would be embraced by the gaming public.  Since the Wii consoles are so difficult to get they are going for more than $100 over retail on eBay and any hint of a new shipment causes people to run to the stores and stand in line.  That is exactly what we did to get ours.  My daughter convinced her dad to take her to Wal-Mart at 6:30 a.m. to stand in line for her Wii, after she saw an ad in the newspaper and called to verify they would have them in stock.   Believe it or not we were not the first in line and they only had 7 delivered.

How are the graphics?  

The Nintendo Wii is a very inviting game that allows you to have an incredibly fun time.  The graphics are not as good as some of the other game consoles but you have a blast playing it so it makes up for it.   As soon as someone comes in and hears that we have the Wii they want to try and play it.  The result has been the same -- always a happy customer.  In fact I found that it is actually the first video game that we all play together.  It becomes a competition for someone to beat the winner.  It has been great family fun for us so far. 

Wii does have a solid list of games to keep you busy until more top-shelf titles come out and more are definitely on the way. The game console comes with a package that includes five sports games when it is purchased.  In addition, the ability to play GameCube games is also a big asset for the Wii.  It has built-in ports for your old GameCube controllers and memory cards so no adapters are necessary.  The game only comes with one controller so I would recommend that you purchase an additional one so that two people can play at a time.

Parent Tips for Monitoring Games....

The Wii is just the newest in the game world but I am sure most or all of you already have some type of video game system in your home or will in the near future.  It is very important to make sure your child is playing games that are appropriate for their age.  Listed below are some tips to help you make the right decision on what game to get for your child.

  • Check the ratings. Select the most appropriate game for your child using the rating symbol and content descriptors. Visit before you head to the stores.
  • Carefully read and look at the package. Game content is described and depicted in detail on the back of every game box.
  • Use parent controls. Be sure to investigate the options that are available to restrict inappropriate content.  Newer games offer more restriction options for parents.
  • Talk to other parents and older children. As with any type of sport or activity the opinion of other parents and older children can be very valuable. This is a good way to learn details about computer and video games.
  • Be cautious with online-enabled games. Games that allow players to connect with other gamers over the Internet sometimes contain live chat or other user-generated content so be sure you know what your child is doing.
  • Play video games with your children. Watch what your kids are playing, play the game with them and talk about the games as often as possible.
  • Talk to salespeople in the stores.  Most salespeople in the video game stores have played or are very aware of the content of a game and they are very helpful when you ask a question.