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Learn About the Nintendo Wii Fit


The Nintendo Wii, is a new type of video game system, that has created a craze amongst children of all ages.  The name Wii sounds like “we” which is meant to suggest that the game is for everyone.  Nintendo has now released the Wii Fit, an exercise video game for the Wii console, consisting of activities that utilize a balance board.  This game has  48 different sub-games and activities, some of which are not available until being unlocked by building up credits in the "Fit Bank".  You will find that the quality of the exercise instruction is great and the ability of the balance board and controller to monitor your good form is incredible.

At Christmas we purchased the Wii Fit for my 13 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it.  In fact I found it to be extremely entertaining as well.  In typical Nintendo fashion this game is difficult to get.  In fact I went to three stores before I was able to locate it and that was in November.  So if you are interested in getting it plan in advance.

Cost for the Wii Fit

The price is approximately $90 which includes both the Wii Fit software and the Wii Balance Board.  Additional accessories can be purchased with the Wii Fit  5-in-1 Fitness Bundle.  The cost is approximately $60 and it includes a travel bag, fitness mat,  jeli sleeve, USB charging cable, rechargeable battery pack and textured foot socks.  You may or may not be interested in all of these items so you need to do a cost evaluation.  The package is certainly cheaper than buying every item separate.  It does take four AA batteries which are included, so the rechargeable battery may be something that you are interested in purchasing.

How to Play the Wii Fit

Before you start the activities you will create your own profile.  The Body Test is a short and simple set of activities used to gauge your body's performance. After choosing a virtual caricature of yourself called a Mii, you will use the Wii Balance Board to measure your center of balance, Body Mass Index (BMI), and body control. Based on the results, you will be assigned a Wii Fit Age. Once you've completed the Body Test, you can stamp the calendar, so you can keep track of your activity while playing the game.

Wii Fit Activity log

The Wii Fit also allows a player to keep track of activities outside of the game, which are then added on to the player's activity log, but not included in the daily exercise time. These are divided into three categories:

  • Light — guitar, piano, stretching
  • Medium — cleaning, gardening, walking, painting
  • Heavy — sports such as soccer, tennis, swimming, cycling, and dancing

The time allotted to these are given a multiplier to show how they should affect the player. Light activities are multiplied by 0.5, medium activities by 1 and heavy activities by 2.

Wii Fit Exercise Activities

You can use more than 40 activities and exercises, including strength training, aerobics, yoga and balance games.   The Wii Fit also tracks the activities you do the most and puts them into the Favorites category. You will find a unique combination of exercises, workouts, and games.  Many of these activities focus towards providing a workout that emphasizes slower, controlled motions. The difficulty levels vary so that there is something for everyone. As an incentive to keep you playing, you can unlock additional games, exercises, and playing levels as you proceed.


  • Yoga:  These exercises allow you to work on your balance and flexibility with Yoga poses and activities. Yoga is a lot harder than it appears so you will need to maintain focus and balance for this option. The work-out trainers walk you through each pose before you try it. It is a great way for someone new to yoga to learn the poses.  I have never done yoga and I enjoyed it.

  • Strength Training: Great muscle toning exercises including:  push ups, leg extensions, lunges, arm and leg lift, torso twists, and more.  You can't take any short cuts here because the balance board measure the distribution of your weight, movement and timing for each of the exercises.  The trainer on the screen will help you to do the moves properly.

  • Balance Games:  This is my favorite option.  These games are just plain old fun! My daughter, being a travel soccer player, just loves the soccer head ball game. The fun also includes balanced-based games like a ski slalom, ski jump, penguin game, table tilt, tight rope and many more!  

  • Aerobics:  These activities will definitely get your heart-pounding while you are having a great time. They include the hula hoop, dance step aerobics, running, and a rhythm boxing routine

The Wii Fit is a lot of fun for the entire family.  You must remember just like  Wii Sports which will never turn you into a tennis pro the Wii Fit is not going to make you super-fit.