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Dance Dance Revolution

A New Dance Craze....

In the age of video games, TV's, and computers most parents are concerned that their children are not getting proper exercise.   Well, believe it or not there is a video game that can help keep your children active.  It's name is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and it is the latest dance craze.  In fact, Dance Dance Revolution is a video game like no other!  This game is so much fun that people tend to play for hours without getting bored.   My kids just love it and I find them playing it for extended periods of time just to improve their skills.

What do I need to play this game?

DDR has been released for a number of video game consoles including PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Game Cube and Xbox.  Home versions require a soft plastic dance pad to be purchased in addition to the video game.  If you have more than one child you may want to purchase two dance pads so that they can play at the same time.

How does it work?

In Dance Dance Revolution, a player first selects one of their favorite songs,  then they must move their feet to a set pattern, stepping in time to the general rhythm or beat of the song. During normal game play, arrows scroll upwards designating the direction that the player should move their feet. When the scrolling arrows overlap the stationary ones, he or she must step on the corresponding arrows on the dance pad.

There are many levels from beginner to advanced so even your young children can play this game. In normal play, the players performance is rated with a letter grade and a numerical score. As your child gets more practice, they will move to higher levels which will increase the workout that they get while playing. The players forget that they are actually doing exercise when they are playing DDR games.

The best feature of this game is that it can be a good aerobic exercise and in some cases can cause weight loss.  In fact, the game has a function to estimate calories burned if given a player's weight.  Dance Dance Revolution games offer a specific "Workout Mode" in which players can choose a song, and play accordingly using either the normal step routine, or a routine designed to provide a workout. The workout mode also allows players to track their progress by calories burned, minutes played, and distance traveled.

Family Fun ....

This game is a fun for your kids and it is a great way for you to get them up to exercise.  In fact you can bring your whole family together for a DDR competition night. What better way to have fun and get healthier at the same time? Dance Dance Revolution is a hit in my house so why not give it a try in yours!!