Once your child graduates from High School it seems that you may loose track of parents that you have become friends with over the years.  So why not gather them all together and do a care package exchange.  Step One: Email parents to see who would like to be involved.  Step Two: Select a date, time and location to meet.  Step Three: Make one person responsible for purchasing the items (i.e. baskets, boxes, stockings etc..), cellophane paper, and ribbon to hold all of the goodies (share this cost).  Step Four: Select a theme and set a dollar amount.  Step Five: Everyone decides on an item or two for the basket and then goes out and purchases enough for each person involved.  For example if there are 6 parents involved then purchase 6 of each item.  Step Six:  Meet at designated place and time to put the baskets together.  Step Seven: Mail them off to your college kids!!!! Step Eight:  Do it on a routine basis.